Mustaruuti PM - NC in Muzzle Loading

Mustaruuti PM-kilpailuissa ammutaan kaikki MLAIC:n ja Skandinaaviset lajit (vähintään 4 osallistujaa). Ilmoittautuminen avataan tälle sivulle myöhemmin.

The Nordic Championships in Muzzle Loading 2024 will take place at Orivesi, Finland on 19.-21.7.2024. All MLAIC official events and Scandinavian events will be shot during the competition (if at least four competitors attend). Registration link will be added to this page closer to the competition.

Tervetuloa - Wellcome to Orivesi!

Additional Notes for participants:

  • Entry form (with prices and payment information) will be available on Oriveden Ampujat website in late April 2024.
  • Each shooter will register directly to the competition organizer. When the registration time is over the national team captains will be informed their shooters and their events. After this, captains will name they teams and team members.
  • Please note that formal MLAIC and MLASC rules will be followed.
    • No extra time is allowed for age.
    • If the shooter wishes to use shooting benches for 100 meter range, the shooter must bring his/her own. These are not provided.
    • Gun control will open in the morning before events. It is the responsibility of the individual shooter to provide proofs of the historical correctness of his guns and the ammunition used if this question arises.
    • Protest deadline is One hour after the results are posted. On Sunday afternoon the protest time will be only 30 minutes.
  • Accommodation recommendation:
  • Cafeteria will serve you all days.
  • We kindly inform also, that at the time there is shortage of certain grades of Black Powder in the Finnish market. We will try to sort this out before summer, but if possible, it might be best to coordinate common freights as you plan the trips. 

Preliminary Timetable

NC 2024, preliminary shooting schedule. Shooters who are attending to several events, please note that you may have a “your own” starting time!

 Friday 19.7.2024
Time, event
12:00 Remington Rifle
13:00 Remington Match
14:00 S&W
15:00 Manton
17:00 Lorenzoni
19:00 Husqvarna
19:30 Delegates meeting

Saturday 20.7.2024
Time, event
09:00 Maximilian
10:00 Minie
11:00 Walkyrie
12:00 Vetterli
12:00 Cominazzo
13:00 Vetterli
13:00 Kuchenreuter
14:00 Kuchenreuter
15:00 DM
16:00 Tanegashima
17:00 Hizadai
19:30 Dinner

Sunday 21.7.2024
Time, event
09:00 Whitworth
10:00 Mariette
10:00 Pensylvania
11:00 Miquelet
11:00 Mariette
12:00 Mariette
12:00 Lamarmora
13:00 Tanzutsu
14:00 Jarman
15:30 Prize giving ceremony